About Us

Hengrave moved to South Africa in 2008. After watching and learning from the local market over the past 11 years, we at Hengrave Estates personally believed that there was a gap in the South African market to specialise in the higher end. Hengrave had seen this in London in their own developments and firmly believed that in South Africa this same strategy would work and the demand was there. The standard of Design and Building in a lot of the local Estates was not up to standard with evident cost cutting but the Developers were still reaching their target prices. 

Hengrave Estates’ vision and initial aim was to find smaller, exclusive, pockets of undeveloped land in Somerset West that would then be rezoned and subdivided to create an Estate which would offer larger and more space than normal. The houses would cater for families whom wanted and expected high quality design, build and interiors and would pay a premium for this.

Working with the right professionals we would then design an estate to fit in with the surroundings and ensure that strict guidelines where put in place. The layout and style of the homes would be designed around the modern families’ needs in the 35 – 60 year age bracket. The houses developed in general would be between 310 - 400 square meters in size and built to the highest standard. Hengrave would build sustainably ensuring as many environmentally friendly products would be incorporated into the builds.