Nigel Pendrigh

I have very high standards and I am thrilled to say both David and his teams exceeded them.


  1. David foresaw problems and prevented them from happening – saving everyone a lot of time effort and course expense.

  2. Excellent focus on quality as part of his and his teams’ SOP – this meant we could charge more money for the finished product with very little extra expense.

  3. Diligent and Responsive to Investor Questions and Suggestions.

  4. Pragmatically got the job done with very little fuss, mostly on time and on budget – not all the time – but sometimes black swan events happen.

  5. David installed the above values and ethics in his team members.

David is also a good, honest, trustworthy and reliable person.

There were two reasons why Hengrave Estates Ltd made money - good purchasing (in which David had some input) and then executing the plan for the property - this is where David shone for the above reasons.

Yours Sincerely

Nigel Pendrigh - Investor in Hengrave Estates Ltd

Fee Boey - Director of Hengrave Estates Ltd also endorses the above reference 


Sunday, April 27, 2014